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Iranian Filmmakers Are Preparing Hijab-Free Movies. Some are secretly filming dual versions of scenes in anticipation of a regime change after months of protests against hard-line Islamic rule in their country. #_ARTivism #_AVtrends Via @Variety

‘The Salesman’ Actor Taraneh Alidoosti Arrested in #Iran After Condemning Execution of Protester #_ARTivism #_AVTrends

Mipcom Bounces Back But Numbers Below Pre-Pandemic Peak << Tail-end of COVID + China is not really traveling again yet + no Russian participation + war on Ukraine + consolidation [in the industry] Via @Variety #_AVTrends

Amazon Prime Video International Chief Kelly Day Highlights Localization Strategy in Asia, Latin America: Localization, and in some cases hyper-localization, is the modus operandi for growth in global markets #_AVtrends

Samuel Goldwyn Head Weighs in on Controversial #India #Oscar Selection and ‘RRR’ Snub, Calls ‘The Last Film Show’ a ‘Strong Contender’ #_AVtrends

‘House of the Dragon’ Becomes Biggest European Launch for HBO and HBO Max. #_AVtrends @Variety

Why HBO Max May Already Have Lost the International #Streaming Race (Analysis) #_AVtrends @Variety

Hollywood Flocks To Eastern Europe: L.A. film crews descend on far-flung parts of Europe. Get the celery juice smoothies ready #_AVtrends @latimes

The loss of nearly one million subscribers — the worst quarter in Netflix history. #Netflix Averted Disaster. So Now What? #_AVtrends

Paramount: we won’t remove content from eras with ‘different sensibilities’ . #_AVtrends #_stories Via @guardian

‘Squid Game’ to Receive Film Award as Korea’s BiFan Festival Redefines Genre Boundaries #_fests #_AVtrends

Streamers worry the end is coming for lax password-sharing rules. A crackdown on passwords hits a nerve for long-time streamers, and muddles the future of fragmented TV. #_AVtrends #_ScannerCultural Via @TheWashigtonPos

French broadcasters’ biggest strike in 30 years to protest plan to eliminate TV License Fee, that finances nearly 85% of French public radio and TV channels. The fee is paid by each household owning a TV set. Via @Variety #_AVtrends

Mipcom Shapes Up for October With 200 Exhibitors, New Co-Production Market. Mipcom will run from Oct. 17-20. Kids’ content market Mip Junior will return to its pre-market weekend slot from Oct. 15-16, at the JW Marriott. #_AVtrends #_distrib Via @Variety

All are part of the “content industry”. Visual artists’ paintings appear on #socialmedia alongside their influencer-style vacation photos. How the internet turned us into content machines? @NewYorker #_ScannerCultural #_AVtrends

#CallForPapers The Impact of #Streaming on Media Industries and Cultural Production. Organised by the ECREA Media Industries and Cultural Production Aarchus, Denmark, October 17, 2022 #_conexiones #_AVtrends

Berlin’s EFM to Focus on Shaping Industry Change and Sustainable Development. Via @Variety #_AVtrends #_fests #_distrib

Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus to Invest as Much as $330 Million in French Content Annually Via @Variety #_AVTrends #_stories

The global audience for foreign-language #streaming shows has never been larger. But despite their crucial and highly skilled role, the #translators who write the streamers’ subtitles are leaving the industry. #_AVtrends @CulturalScanner Via @guardian

#CallForPapers Synaesthetic Syntax: Seeing Sound / Hearing Vision. Submission deadline: 30th June 2021 Expanded Animation Symposium 12th September 2021, Live Broadcasting Event during the Ars Electronica Festival. #_AVtrends #_conexiones @expandedanim

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