Patricia Martin

Getting Ready for Distribution. Industry Workshop. Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival


Discipline: Film Distribution

Sales agents, distributors and digital outlets expect more than just an HD master to release a film. In this day and age, filmmakers must think about distribution from the get-go and start preparing for this stage of the process before filming even begins.

ttff/20 presented this integral talk on distribution facilitated by Patricia Martin of Habanero Film Sales / Intermedi@rte in Brazil. Patricia explained why filmmakers must start budgeting and preparing their team for distribution before heading out to film.

Also discussed how film festivals have become alternative distribution platforms- sources of exhibition-related revenue for indies- and explain festival agreements, screening fees, and other topics. The presentation also takes a look at ‘windowing’ and what it means for hybrid distribution; transformations in the way that content is produced and consumed have disrupted traditional windowing models. Co-production agreements, territories, and holdbacks were all discussed to aid participants in their understanding.

DATE: September 11, 2020

HOST: Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival

STATUS: closed

Presentation available online at T+TFilm Festival Facebook page (In English): https://www.facebook.com/ttfilmfestival/videos/329393448374629
+ info: https://bit.ly/3tJcCOm

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